Beginning with the end in mind...reflections and certificates of participation

04 Jan 2014 12:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Reflecting on our learning...

1.  How did this learning experience connect to your school’s mission and vision statements?

2.  How did this learning experience connect to your own personal growth plans?  Why was this learning experience important to you as an educator?  How will it change who you are as a teacher?

3.  How has this learning experience impacted the work you do with the colleagues you collaborate with or the students in your classroom?

4.  How do you intend to build on this learning experience?  Will there be additional studies involved?  Are you planning new lessons as a result of what you have learned?  Can you share what you’ve learned with other teachers on our faculty?

We will give a certificate of participation at the end of the book study based on your self assessment of your level of participation and completion of a final feedback survey.

Certificates of Participation... (up to 24 contact hours)

I did all of the reading and read other peoples posts each week.   (6 hours)

I did all of the above AND I posted an original response to the prompt in the discussion each week.   (9 hours)

I did all of the above and   

(up to 9 additional hours to reward those who do the application challenges)

created the monitoring sheet in week 5  (1-2 hours)

        did the week 7 task and taught the lesson   (1-2 hours)

        did the week 9 task and created an audio transcript  (2 hours)

        did the week 11 task and used one of the protocols to deeply plan a lesson 

(3 hrs)


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