Week Twelve: Working in school environments to improve classroom discussions

01 Apr 2014 7:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Week Twelve:  Working in school environments to improve classroom discussions

As a lead in, to our dine and discuss for leaders on April 3...

Read pp 87-94

To what extent is your principal/administrator/coach looking for practices compatible with the five practices when he or she observes your class?  If your principal is focusing on a different set of practices, what are your options?   What supports do you find from teammates?


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    I found this book to have exciting information. I think my principal is completely unaware of these practices. Hearing the speaker Thursday night will help inspire me to do that. I think I could read this book all over again in the summer and then start afresh in the fall and learn a lot.
    As we look towards teacher evaluation system(s), we are focusing on the standards by Charlotte Danielson.
    An option I might have is to bring the ideas from the book to our content meetings weekly and incorporate these in planning times. I think teammates would be more supportive if they had time to read the book and were not a little overwhelmed right now by the demands of preparing for Common Core. That said, this book is about making your teaching better and we always needs to make improvement the 'core' of our discussions.
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