Our rules here are simple: Keep it professional and respectful. Take a moment to read   through others' comments. Use the reply option if you have a question or comment on someone else's post. We can make this an interactive space - an ongoing conversation - and get the most out of our learning together. Following is the schedule for our Book Study this year. It will end prior to our Virtual Spring Conference March 13th, where we hope to celebrate our learning together.  


    • Up to 10 hours earned depending on your participation.

    • An additional 5 hours will be awarded to any teacher who can provide evidence that they have dug deeper into the book by linking the 5 practices in their own instruction using the prompts at the end of each chapter.

    • 1 hour for each of the chapters read and posts made. (5 posts)

    • 1 hour for each of the zoom meetings attended. (3 zoom meetings)

    • Did you respond to the other’s posts? 5 times (1 hr) and 6+ (2 hr)

    • Additional 5 Hours: It is called “Linking the Five Practices to your Own Instruction”  assignments.

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