Chapter 4 Discussion Prompt

29 Oct 2020 10:27 AM | Anonymous member

In the chapter there are 3 challenges associated with anticipating student responses. What is the biggest challenge you are facing with anticipating student responses?

Challenges associated with the practice of monitoring.

  • Trying to understand what students are thinking

  • Keeping track of group progress - which groups you visited and what you left them to work on

  • Involving all members of a group


  • 07 Nov 2020 12:15 PM | Anonymous member
    Pre-pandemic: Keeping track of group progress - but only the part of what I left them to work on (had 6 or fewer groups)- despite our facilitators at the Dine and Discuss modeling the use of a tracking sheet (Go Hattie, Jenna, and Holly!). I found walking around with a full-sized clipboard cumbersome - and I'd frequently forget to jot notes down.
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  • 15 Nov 2020 1:15 PM | Mike Ditzel
    Involving all members of a group.

    This is easier to accomplish in honors math classes but I have found that it is more of a challenge to get all students involved for lower-level classes. In classes such as pre-algebra I found that there are several obstacles that hinder that goal: lack of maturity, lack of appropriate social skills or lack of motivation.
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  • 02 Dec 2020 6:39 PM | Anonymous
    In regards to understanding what students are thinking.

    In the lower level math classes the struggle is to actually get the students to think about a problem. Often their self esteem and confidence is so lacking, that the minute they come across a problem that they struggle with, they shut down. Their thought process is "I don't know therefore, I give up". It is a slow process of building their confidence and ability as a math student and trust in you as their teacher. Eventually they start to turn the corner but the process is very slow and lengthy.
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  • 02 Dec 2020 9:40 PM | Kim Elkins
    Involving all members of a group is a challenge. There is such a range of personalities in a class that the quite students tend to go unnoticed, most of the time that is how they like it. The challenge is having them contribute and not make them uncomfortable especially if their confidence level is low.
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