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Chapter 5 Discussion Prompt

12 Nov 2020 11:11 AM | Anonymous member

In the chapter there are 5 challenges associated with selecting and sequencing. What is the biggest challenge you are facing with selecting and sequencing student responses?

Challenges associated with the practice of anticipating students’ responses.

  • Selecting only solutions that are most relevant to learning goals

  • Expanding beyond the usual student presenters.

  • Deciding what work to share when the majority of students were not able to solve the task and your initial goal no longer seems attainable.

  • Moving forward when a key strategy is not produced by students.

  • Determining how to sequence incorrect and/or incomplete solutions


  • 15 Nov 2020 1:08 PM | Mike Ditzel
    The biggest challenge for me is expanding beyond the usual student presenters. I like to create a classroom environment were there is a flow of discussion back and forth between among students and myself. I relax the requirement for students to raise their hands. I believe more authentic discussions can occur when students don't always have to raise their hands. One drawback to this classroom expectation is that quieter, less confident students are less likely to participate. I have to force myself to remember, at times, to curb the enthusiasm of a few students who love to participate to allow other students the opportunity to be involved.
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