Chapter 1 & 2 Discussion Prompt

01 Oct 2020 6:08 PM | Anonymous member

In chapter 2, there are 4 challenges associated with setting goals and selecting tasks.  What is a challenge you are facing with setting goals and selecting tasks.

  • Identifying Learning Goals

  • Identifying a doing-mathematics task

  • Ensuring alignment between tasks and goals

  • Launching a task to ensure student access.


  • 08 Oct 2020 9:40 PM | Anonymous member
    This is getting easier, but I think early in the year, when trying to get to know students and what they can and cannot (yet) do, it may be a challenge to accurately identify learning goals.

    It is also challenging to always find the time to clear my mind enough to focus on this during busy times of the year.

    Our school curriculum has some wonderful resources, but sometimes there are too many to choose from and too many directions and paths to follow, that it takes a lot of effort to make a decision about the sequence of goals and tasks.

    The other pieces, identifying a task, aligning it, and launching it... I find these easier to do, especially following the 5 practice sequence, and especially when there is a clear, appropriate goal.
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