Chapter 4 Discussion Prompt

29 Oct 2020 10:27 AM | Anonymous member

In the chapter there are 3 challenges associated with anticipating student responses. What is the biggest challenge you are facing with anticipating student responses?

Challenges associated with the practice of monitoring.

  • Trying to understand what students are thinking

  • Keeping track of group progress - which groups you visited and what you left them to work on

  • Involving all members of a group


  • 07 Nov 2020 7:23 AM | Anonymous member
    I would say I am currently struggling the most with trying to understand what some students are thinking. This is due to the nature of the remote environment. I have students who will only use reactions to the learning, and will not talk to me unless I bring them into a Breakout Room in Zoom individually. I also have some students who are over the top with participation. Sometimes, these students overshadow my quieter online learners. I've tried to create groups where I can monitor all student thinking when students are willing to engage. Communication in math is one struggle. I am trying to get students to understand that sometimes in math that I want to know their thought process, not just the "right answer." Unfortunately, many of my students have learned through experience that the "right answer" is what previous teachers have expected of them so they aren't willing to put themselves out there in the online environment when they aren't sure of themselves.
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