Chapter 6 Discussion Prompt

25 Nov 2020 9:44 PM | Anonymous member

In the chapter there are 4 challenges associated with anticipating student responses. What is the biggest challenge you are facing with anticipating student responses?

Challenges associated with the practice of anticipating students’ responses.

  • Keeping the entire class engaged and accountable during individual presentations

  • Ensuring key mathematical ideas are made public and remain the focus

  • Making sure that you do not take over the discussion and do the explaining

  • Running out of time


  • 29 Nov 2020 4:31 PM | Samantha Welch
    This is a difficult question to answer. I think that running out of time is the biggest challenge that I face. The math program that my district has adopted provides a daily opportunity for students to solve, share, and engage in great discussion. That being said, it is such a small component of each lesson that it tends to be the component that we spend the least amount of time on so that we get to everything else. Over the years I have had to remind myself of an important point that was made in the chapter, "when monitoring student work, your goal is to help students make progress on the task, not to ensure that each and every student has a correct answer before beginning the discussion". Getting all students to get the correct answer could take up a lot of time. Remembering this has been helpful for me to set a specific amount of time for students to work on the problem in order to leave as much time as possible for discussion. Even then, I wish I had more time! Isn't time always our biggest challenge, especially this year?
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    • 03 Dec 2020 11:18 AM | Hillary H.
      I found the same quote to be one of the things that really stood out in this chapter to me as well! In third grade I enjoy using the first few minutes of class to allow students to all try the same problem to then have a discussion on it. I also second that the biggest challenge is time especially this year more than ever. I find that math is the most challenging subject in order to have time.
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  • 07 Dec 2020 2:22 PM | Anonymous member
    Is there ever enough time for anything in school or in life??? I would agree with Samantha when she talked about not each and every student has a correct answer before discussing. Boy, do kiddos hate when I start talking and they are still working...they blurt out "but I'm not done!" I do try to give enough time for most to be done with correct work, which usually tells me with the students that are left which students I need to meet one-on-one or small group with. Sometimes it helps them to pause, listen to what I have to add on to where they are at, then they can get right back to work.
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