• 11 Dec 2012 7:06 AM
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    Hi Everyone. I work in MSAD 75 as an elementary technology integrator for five schools. I am also the K-5 math leadership person. And in my spare time, I'm interning this year in order to complete my requirements for a building principal license.
     I love math especially early numeracy. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into the mathematical practices and exploring how to support teachers with incorporating more of these practices in their teaching and assessing. 
    My biggest fear is time. Time to read and reflect and time to collaborate with teachers on this much needed work.
  • 11 Dec 2012 9:53 PM
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    Deleted user
    Hey there-
    I work at Mt. Ararat Middle School in MSAD 75 where I co-teach one 6th and one 7th grade class of struggling learners and am the middle level math curriculum leader. I hope to see more clearly  a way to make the common core accessible to students and to be in on the conversation about best practices in teaching math.   I fear that I'll fall behind with reading and posting, but am pressing on!  
  • 15 Dec 2012 4:36 PM
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    Deleted user
       I teach freshman and seniors at Kennebunk High School.  I am also the department head.
       I hope to become more knowledgable of the math CCSS and how they are related K - 12.  I am also hoping to bring some suggested instructional practices back to my department.
       I  fear the time crunch and possible coming home empty handed.  With that being said I am looking forward to this opportunity to network with other like minded educators.

  • 20 Dec 2012 1:25 PM
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    Angela Marzilli
    Hi everyone!

    I'm Angela Marzilli, and I am the STEM coordinator K-12 in the South Portland School Department.  I'm looking forward to participating in a book group focused on helping school leaders rather than one focused strictly on classroom work.  I can't wait for the discussions to begin!
  • 22 Dec 2012 5:23 PM
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    Barry Lewis
    I jettisoned my former career about 6 years ago, went back to college, got my math degree, and I'm finishing a few late bits of work that I need before I can be certified for Secondary Math. Meanwhile, I'm loving my first position in a school as an edtech at Memorial Middle School in South Portland.
    Time, as many others have said, is a concern. Though I don't have the responsibilities and time commitments of a teacher, I like my work a lot and I have a tendency to bother sleeping dogs so much that they can't lie. And then there's my unfinished old work, clamoring for attention, but not quite as interesting as my new work, or something like, say, a Math Instruction Book Study. My other concern is that my perspective on math instruction has been tempered more by my thoughts than by my actions. I'm here to learn.
    Also, it's awesome seeing teachers from so many far-flung Maine locations! This social media PLN idea seems full of promise!
  • 23 Dec 2012 8:28 PM
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    Jenny Jorgensen
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm the Math Lead Teacher at F. H. Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, Maine.  There are about 500 students in the building, grades 5-6.  I am generally in every math class each week with the opportunity to work with teachers as they teach math class.  I often assist students if there's work time during class, as well as discuss the lesson briefly with teachers at the end of class.
    I'm also responsible for the Tier 2 small group instruction of the RTI process.  This is great work because I get to work with small groups of students and really try to learn about their thinking and help them work through misconceptions that they may hold.
    I hope to pick up ideas about leadership that I will apply to my work.  Steve's presentations are always invigorating and inspirational; I hope the same for the book. I know that I'll hear his voice bellowing as I read.
    I don't particularly have a fear, although I do wish my whole middle school math teachers were reading the book. I'll have to tap into the two teachers from the school who are reading the book with this group and plan a way to share what we learn with the rest of the staff.
  • 23 Dec 2012 10:03 PM
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    Deleted user
    My name is Lori Lodge. I am the Curriculum Coordinator for RSU #57. I am responsible for all content areas K-12. In RSU #57 we are working toward transitioning to a proficiency based system. We have learning targets aligned to the common core, but our system is designed in learning progressions, not necessarily grade levels. I am always looking for ways to support teachers in my district to refine their instructional practice.

    My hope is I am able to learn something new to share with my teachers.

    I don't really have any fears. I am looking forward to the discussion.
  • 27 Dec 2012 9:01 AM
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    Deleted user
    I teach students in grades 9 to 12 in Algebra II (CP and Honors) and Pre-Calculus at Falmouth High School.  I've been teaching high school math for 17 years, everything from basic skills to pre-calculus.

    I am looking forward to discovering what the authors of the book consider "sensible" while at the same time maintaining high standards especially for mathematically gifted students (see Nola Urban's earlier post), and how the Common Core may impact these questions.

    I would like to hear further from Maggie Griswold about her math series for math leaders and how she will be referencing the CCSS. 
  • 27 Dec 2012 4:07 PM
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    I work at Falmouth Middle School teaching math to seventh graders. My greatest hope for this book study is that it will give me more wisdom about the teaching/learning of mathematics. My biggest fear is that what we learn will make infinite sense theoretically but be impossible to implement practically.
  • 27 Dec 2012 8:21 PM
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    Deleted user
           Hello! I am the Math Coach for grades 5-12 in Westbrook. My job takes me to the Middle School, High School, and Vocational Center. I primarily work with teachers on math instruction but also have discussions about curriculum and assessment. This is a new position in Westbrook. For the past 17 years I taught many levels of math at Westbrook High School.
           I am hoping to connect with math leaders from across the state to hear how your schools are implementing the CCSSM. At the high school we have begun with our freshmen math class - choosing the Integrated Pathway outlined in Appendix A of the CCSS document. Some of the middle school teachers have unpacked some of the standards to gain a better understanding of the content and the degree to which the content needs to be taught. I am also interested to hear how teachers engage administration in the process. Does administration understand the changes that need to be made in resources and professional development, and if not, how do we get them on board?
           I am very excited to get started!
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