Computation, Calculators, Estimation...Oh My!

  • 09 Feb 2013 8:51 AM
    Message # 1203379
    How has your teaching of number sense changed in recent weeks, months, year with the use of calculators and technology?
    What are some skills that remain in your curriculum because of "tradition?"
    What do you think of the non-negotiable list on page 51?

    In 7th grade we completing the Accentuate the Negative (CMP) book right now.  I feel as though CM does a good job of asking kids to estimate and compute accurately, justify, and use situations that they will use in real life (the fractions component does not present unreasonable denominators). 
    With calculators, I try to not use them when I am expecting quickness with simple computations or estimations, however in the example of Accentuate when trying to balance your checkbook they are allowed to use a calculator (but again would Leinwand say this is a skill not needed because technology does this for us?).
    I cheered really loud on page 52 with the 3 bullets recognizing which skills should be "relegated to the scrap heap."  I have always seen teachers give 3 or 4 digit divisors and wondered what was the purpose (my only answer was to keep them busy so they didn't have to teach any real math).

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