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  • 10 Feb 2013 3:54 PM
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    As I read ahead not knowing what week 5's assignment was, it occurred to me that the recent blizzard was a great learning opportunity for my students.  In Chapter 5, Steve talks about "Glimpses of What We Should See."  I plan to use this week before February break to have my students work on a project related to removing all the snow we recently received.  (This was also inspired by the hard work my husband does to clean up 8 complete driveways, plus 6 snow-plowed ends of driveways in our neighborhood, as well as the drains along the way and the turn-around at the end of our dead end street.  If I can figure out how to upload the before, during, and after pictures, I will!)

    Some ideas I have are: 

    Decide where you are interested in exploring.  Ideas include local shopping centers, school lots, runways, neighborhood street(s), driveway(s).  Once you decide on an area, determine how much snow was received (ignoring the drift factor).  Use Google Earth to approximate the surface area involved that would need to be cleared.  Determine the volume of snow received.  Use 30" as the height of the snow, unless you have a different, measured height (be sure to state your source).

    Research costs & time needed to remove snow by:
      snow blowing
      any others?

    Write a convincing plan as to how you will remove the snow and what the owner should pay you.  Be sure to discuss pros and cons of the various snow removal options.  Use a variety of visuals to show the math used to determine costs and time estimates.  If you are interested in taking this project one step further, find a way to compare your price to what the owner actually paid for this snow removal.  Is your estimate over or under their actual costs?  What would be reasons for this difference?

    I would welcome comments on this project as well as suggestions on a realistic rubric to use to score the work produced (yes, I should already have the rubric...)

    Thank you in advance for any/all input & suggestions!  :)
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