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Programs and Resources from our Spring Conferences

Spring Conference 2019

Joseph Assof, Keynote Speaker                               

Session 1

9:00 - 10:00

Fit Visible Learning into Your District Adopted Curriculum

Visible Learning...but what might that look like in my classroom?

Bouncing Student Voice Around the Classroom

Visible Learning at the High School Level

Session 2

10:15 - 11:15

Financial Literacy

3-Act Tasks and Talk Moves: Incorporating Discourse Within Math Tasks

Leading from the classroom: Exploring the Teacher Leader Standards

Session 3 

1:30 - 2:30

Keeping Students Engaged While Learning Statistical Concepts

Leading Meaningful Change: A Focus on Formative Assessment

Spring Conference 2018

ATOMIM SpringConference 


Breakfast Keynote: Cheryl Tobey 

Lunch Keynote: Tracy Zager

Formative Assessment

Partners in Progress

Spring Conference 2017


Certificate of Attendance

Session Materials:


Networking (...for Professional

Development and Sharing)

Turning Math Hysteria into Math Euphoria

James (Tate) Gale, K-6 Mathematics Strategist, RSU 

The Unrealized Republic

Sarah Caban, K-12 District Mathematics Coach/Coordinator, Maranacook Schools


John Staley's Keynote Presentation

Supporting Proportional Reasoning in Middle School

CC1 Lesson 4.2.1C RP.pdf

CC1 Lesson 4.2.1A RP.pdf


Bridging the Widest of Gaps with Marianne Arnold

Mentoring the Planning of Standards-Based Instruction with Jennifer Mahan

Spring Conference 2016

Making Math Blossom 

Program (PDF format)

Slides from: James Donatelli, Calculator Policy for the SAT; Misconceptions and Facts, Redesigned SAT Math Information, 

College Board Calculator Policies 2015-2016

Slides from: Nancy Philbrick and Peggy Brown, Strategies for Implementing Formative Assessment

Spring Conference 2014 

Program (pdf format)
Slides from Linda: Thursday Principles to Actions
Slides from Christopher: Friday Keynote
Slides from Linda: Friday Keynote

Patty Nickerson's Video Link

Spring Conference 2013

Program (pdf format)

Slides from Steve: Friday Keynote
Ruth Estabrook's Circle Explorations
Elizabeth Wood's Problem-Solving with Tangrams
Susan Hillman & UNE Students' Common Core Cross-Cutting Concepts
Pamela Rawson's Fish, Cars, and Recursion with TI-Nspire
Michele Mailhot's Exploration of CCSS Progressions

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