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  Welcome to the Visible Learning for Mathematics Book Study! 


 Hopefully, you had an opportunity to join us at a Dine & Discuss. If not, that's okay, too. To participate in the online forum, you must be a member of ATOMIM. But no worries- because our membership is now free! Just sign up on the link. 

 Our rules here are simple: Keep it professional and respectful. Take a moment to read   through others' comments. Use the reply option if you have a question or comment on someone else's post. We can make this an interactive space - an ongoing conversation - and get the most out of our learning together.

Following is the schedule for our Book Study this year. It will end prior the Spring Conference April 5 & 6, where we hope to celebrate our learning together. 

 Nov. 26 Chapter 1  Make Learning Visible in Mathematics

 Dec. 10 Chapter 2  Making Learning Visible Starts With Teacher Clarity

 Jan. 7 Chapter 3 Mathematical Tasks and Talk That Guide Learning

 Jan. 24 Chapter 4 Surface Mathematics Learning Made Visible

 Feb. 4 Chapter 5 Deep Mathematics Learning Made Visible

 Feb. 18 Chapter 5 Deep Mathematics Learning Made Visible

 March 4 Chapter 6 Making Mathematics Learning Visible Through Transfer Learning

 March 18 Chapter 7 Assessment, Feedback, and Meeting the Needs of All Learners



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