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  • 25 May 2016 8:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Jo Boaler presents the value in believing in yourself, your children and the struggle in Mathematics (Maths). This 13 minute video is worth watching. Jo shows us the brain research, the creativity, the possibilities, and the fun in Math.

  • 01 May 2016 5:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As promised at the Spring Conference, our ATOMIM GIFT Program is up and running!  We look forward to hearing about your innovative idea, and supporting you financially to make it become a reality. 

    ATOMIM GIFT Program

  • 16 Dec 2015 5:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Our Region 3 Representative, Marielle Edgecomb, was recently featured in an article supporting a learning environment where students are given choices to meet individual needs so that the attention can be on the learning. Check it out for yourself!

  • 21 Nov 2015 6:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Maine's recently announced PAEMST for Middle and High School Mathematics. He currently teaches ninth through 12th graders at Camden Hills Regional High School. We are grateful to William O'Brien for making Maine his home to practice the art and science of teaching. 

    "He has been called the 'pied piper of mathematics' for his ability to encourage large numbers of students to extend themselves mathematically. Whether shepherding 45 eager “mathletes” on the math team, or convincing an art student to take AP Calculus, he makes mathematics accessible, yet challenging. After school, his classroom is often filled with students working and discussing math -- even on a Friday afternoon!" 

  • 03 Nov 2015 9:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As an elementary teacher, I just found out about Seesaw. This is an app for iPads where students can take a picture of their work and draw, write, explain or videotape to show their process or justify their thinking. It organizes the work in a folder for each student, and by date uploaded. I can invite parents' to have access to uploaded items in real time. We are recording our work in all subject areas, including Math journal pages. It would be just as useful in Middle School, or High School to improve home/school communication, and organize student work for reviewing at conferences. Papers can't get lost on the way home, and it is secure, so that parents will only see their own child's work. 

    If you are interested, I suggest you explore this app. I'm so excited that I won't need to spend money on binders, time on organizing, or muscles on carrying everything home to do report cards. Saving time, money and working smarter is on all of our lists. 

  • 07 Sep 2015 5:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If your students are in grades 5 and 6 in Southern Maine, you can join the Southern Maine Elementary Math League!

    There are teams of 6 competing students, along with 6 alternates who participate. Over 30 teams compete at The Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland 3 times a year, and then once at The Portland Expo Center near the end of the school year.

    Students are challenged with an independent Geometry and Arithmetic test and also a team round where all 6 students work together to earn up to 36 points.

    All tests and team work are scored and tabulated.  The top 3 teams in 5th and 6th grades win a trophy and the individual scores can win a ribbon for places 1st through 5th.

     For more information, or to register your school's team, check out the Southern Maine Elementary Math League. 

    Do you know information about more Math Leagues around the state? Please email me, and I will share the information here. 

    Happy competing, Mathematicians!

  • 23 Aug 2015 6:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This is an exciting year for ATOMIM- we have a full board to serve you! Last year we redistricted our regions to match the DOE state regions, and now we have a representative for every region. Help us welcome the following people to the board. 

    Jennifer Mahan - Region 1, Aroostook 

    Rachel Larrabee - Region 2, Penobscot

    Peggy Brown - Region 4, Midcoast

    Angela Marzilli - Region 7, Cumberland

    Hattie Pellegrino - Region 8, York

    We are also excited to welcome Jane Stork as our Administrative Liason, and Cheryl Tobey as our NCSM Representative. 

    Of special note, Darlene Ulrikson is the new ATOMIM President, Pamela Rawson becoming the Past- President, and I (Holly Trottier) have filled the newly created Communications Director position.

    There are pictures, short biographies, and email links on the "About" page of our website. Find out how close we are and let us know how we can help you. 

  • 19 Jan 2015 4:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Winter 2015 edition of the ATMNE Newsletter has been published. Access it online using this link. Don't miss the opportunity to submit your speaker proposal for the ATMNE fall conference in Portland, October 2015. More information is available in the newsletter.

  • 04 Jan 2014 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Karen Jagolinzer, 5th grade teacher at Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, has been named Maine's Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching for 2012. 
  • 01 Nov 2013 7:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    University of New England & National Science Foundation Scholarship provides select Maine Students majoring in Applied Mathematics, Biological Science, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Laboratory Science, or Marine Science up to $10,000 per year for all four years at UNE (in addition to UNE Scholarships and Pell Grants). See the flyer for more information and share with your students.
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