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Congratulations to Maine's newly announced Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for Middle and High School Mathematics. We are grateful to William O'Brien for making Maine his home to practice the art and science of teaching. He currently teaches ninth through 12th graders in Credit Recovery, Algebra, and Calculus at Camden Hills Regional High School. 

"He has been called the 'pied piper of mathematics' for his ability to encourage large numbers of students to extend themselves mathematically. Whether shepherding 45 eager “mathletes” on the math team, or convincing an art student to take AP Calculus, he makes mathematics accessible, yet challenging. After school, his classroom is often filled with students working and discussing math -- even on a Friday afternoon!" 

Share a video with your students about how they can all learn Mathematics to a high level. This Jo Boaler video (a Mathematics professor at Stanford University) talks about growth mindset and the value of struggle. It also shares how being fast doesn't make you smarter, but how thinking deeply and seeing things visually are the heart of Mathematics. Grow your brain.

For many exciting Maths problems, check out Jo Boaler's website

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