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Planning for ATOMIM Spring Conference 

Save the date:

Friday March 3 and Saturday March 4, 2017 


Point Lookout

Northport, ME 

More information coming soon.

Dine and Discuss 

"I had a great time! A good mix of independent reading/thinking, small group discussion, whole group discussion, and hands-on activities. Can't wait for the next session!"

"The sessions were really informative and easily applicable to students of all ages and learning abilities. It was helpful to see how the strategies can be employed."

Do you want in? 

This fall we will be hosting our encore Dine and Discuss Series featuring the book, Mathematics Formative Assessment

In the Spring we will host sessions to deepen the understanding and practices introduced both last Spring and this Fall. Look under our Dine & Discuss tab to register at a location near you. (More locations are being added daily, so check back if you haven't found one close, yet.)

"LOVE the hands-on activities! Strategies to bring back to the classroom are KEY! Thank you!!"

Congratulations to Angela Pratt! 

During her 31 years of teaching, Angela has taught in Sanford, Florida and in several Maine towns. Her experience ranges from second grade through fifth grade, but for the majority of her career, she has worked with grade 3 students. Angela has taught in RSU 22 for 17 years as a grade three teacher, but for the past 4 years she has taught math and science to grade three students. This model has allowed her to delve deep into the content and to reach students at their academic levels through guided groups formed based on academic strengths and weaknesses. Outside the classroom, Angela is the chair of the math committee and serves on the data committee. As math committee chairperson, she uses data and current research to identify next steps in teacher training.  Then she finds the resources necessary to offer ongoing professional development to her math team at Weatherbee School. As a result, math teachers are well versed in "Guided Math" and the "Math Practices".  As a long time data team member,  Mrs. Pratt leads and supports colleagues in helping all children demonstrate at least on year's growth in every subject.  Angela expresses her greatest joys of teaching as those moments when students are seen pushing themselves to new personal heights. As a math teacher, it's also such a thrill to hear students express their love of math and to see students wearing t-shirts proclaiming this sentiment! 

Please be sure to nominate your favorite math teacher for our special recognition. All nominees are placed in a drawing for some special prizes at the end of the year!  

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

13 Dec 2016 4:00 PM • Sanford: Willard School, 668 Main St
14 Dec 2016 4:00 PM • Mars Hill: Central Aroostook HS, 26 Pleasant St
11 Jan 2017 4:00 PM • Calais: Wabanaki Culture Center, 39 Union St
11 Jan 2017 4:00 PM • Hampden: Hampden Academy, 89 Western Ave
08 Feb 2017 4:00 PM • Calais: Wabanaki Culture Center, 39 Union St


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Resource Corner:  

Looking for some open-ended, discussion-provoking challenges for your students? Try  "Which one Doesn't Belong?" It's all about justifying your thinking. 

Looking for videos to encourage your students, or some visual math tasks? Check out Youcubed

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