Maine Math Coaching Project


Application Deadline for Cohort 4 is April 15, 2018.

Registration now open!

2nd Annual National Math Coaching Conference 

Engaging Students: It's All About Instruction

June 5, 2018

University of Maine

Farmington Campus

Keynote: Steve Leinwand


ATOMIM Spring Conference



Grade span 3-5 Padlet

Breakfast Keynote: Cheryl Tobey 

Lunch Keynote: Tracy Zager

Formative Assessment

Partners in Progress

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Resource Corner:  

Blogs that Might Inspire You

Here are a list of blogs that present current ideas in Math. Of course these are the opinions of individuals, therefore we do not take responsibility as an association for what the links might contain.

Tracy Zager  

Becoming the Math Teach You Wish You'd Had

Christopher Danielson 

Overthinking My Teaching

Dan Meyer 

Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Sarah Caban 

Math on the Edge

Heidi Fessenden

Too Teeter and Too Totter

Sara VanDerWerf

Pam Rawson


Michael Pershan

Teaching with Problems

Fawn Nguyen

Finding Ways


Joanna Burt-Kinderman

Problematizing Math Teaching


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