You can be an ATOMIM GIFT Recipient!

The ATOMIM Executive Board is pleased to announce the ATOMIM GIFT Program for mathematics. Grant Incentives for Teachers (GIFTs) are meant to enhance either the classroom or the teacher’s practice. Potential uses for the GIFT may include, but are not limited to, purchasing materials for workshops, buying math games, expanding math clubs or leveraging other funds such as matching grants. Teacher stipends are not eligible expenditures and the GIFT funds should not supplant local funding of normally needed items. GIFT proposals may be fully or partially funded up to a maximum of $500. To apply, use the application form as you draft your responses. GIFT applications are submitted electronically. Copying and pasting from your draft application is recommended. Please note that only ATOMIM members are eligible for the GIFT (new members ARE eligible). Also the maximum award is $500 every three years for receiving teachers.


Criteria for selection will include but are not limited to:

1. The need for the GIFT is well established.

2. The GIFT will lead to a change in the classroom or classroom practice.

3. Efficient use of budget

4. The dissemination will enhance as many students and/or teachers as possible.

5. The proposal reflects Maine and/or National standards and best mathematical practices.

Deadline: November 30, 2018


GIFT Awardees will be announced in December 2018 via electronic communications and social media. Awardees will present at the 2019 ATOMIM Spring Conference.

Need help? Email Jenny Jorgensen, ATOMIM President-Elect.

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