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Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award

In 1999, ATOMIM presented Jackie Mitchell with the Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award.  The award is given annually to an outstanding mathematics educator who demonstrates a commitment to Maine’s mathematical community through dedicated service. 

The following is an excerpt from Jackie’s 1999 award:

"ATOMIM salutes Jacqueline Mitchell for her outstanding contributions to mathematics in the State of Maine by honoring her with this annual award established in her name.   Jackie is currently a mathematics consultant for the State of Maine in the Department of Education.  Mrs. Mitchell received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of  Maine. She has been a classroom  teacher, a mathematics specialist and consultant, a mathematics director and the acting director of the State of Maine Division of Instruction.

"Jackie’s leadership roles have included:  President of ATOMIM, President of ATMNE, Regional Services Northeast Director for NCTM and Northeast Director for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.

"Other awards bestowed on Mrs. Mitchell were Balomenos Lecturer of ATMNE, the Presidential Awards Leadership Award, and the Phoenix Award for outstanding contributions to Maine Economic Development. "As we march into the next millennium, we applaud Jackie’s efforts to help the State of Maine build a mathematically empowered population."

At the 2011 ATMNE Fall Conference, Jackie was awarded the Father Stanley J. Bezuszka Award for her countless contributions to mathematics education. This is ATMNE's highest honor.


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