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2019 RECIPIENT: Margaret Brown

Presented by ATOMIM - The Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine

ATOMIM salutes Margaret Brown for her outstanding contributions in mathematics education and mathematics leadership in the state of Maine by honoring her with the Jacqueline Mitchell Award.

Peggy has participated in numerous professional development and leadership projects including Academy for Math Leadership, Eliciting Math Misconceptions, Developing and Supporting Assessment Practices, and Mathematics Community of Teacher Leaders. During this time Peggy worked collaboratively with other leaders to provide professional learning opportunities for math teachers across the state which were well-planned, cohesive, and of high quality.

Peggy’s most recent administrator said that Peggy “set the tone for the entire building when it came to quality pedagogy” and “that she was at the forefront of pushing our school to improve formative assessment practices in the classroom, practices that at one time were rare in the building, but are now almost ubiquitous.”

A colleague of Peggy’s described her as “a friend and colleague who can always be counted on and I look forward to working with her on future endeavors.”  Another colleague shared that Peggyconsistently brought thoughtful points to discussions while working on their presentation and provided a wealth of resource knowledge.  People who have worked with Peggy have found her to be professional, thorough, collaborative, and always keeping her eye on the “purpose” of the work.

Jackie shared that she has known Peggy for a long time and in that time she has been instrumental in being a leader and always a person who showed her leadership in many ways.  Jackie is happy to support Peggy in this role and is delighted that she is the person who the committee has selected to be this year’s recipient of the Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award.  Congratulations Peggy Brown!

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