Association Teachers Of Mathematics In Maine

ATOMIM is an affiliate of the NCTM, NCSM, and ATMNE.

The Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award

2018 Recipient: Robert Jenkins

  ATOMIM Salutes Robert Jenkins for his outstanding contributions to mathematics education in the state od Maine by honoring him with the Jacqueline Mitchell Award. 

  Robert is currently involve with the Mathematics Leadership Program at the University of Maine at Farmington. Bob received his bachelor's decree from the University of Southern Maine and holds his MS in Education Administration and Curriculum Development. His first teaching job was at Lincoln Middle School in Portland as a middle school math teacher. He then went on to teaching the gifted program at the middle school and followed his students to the Portland High School Gifted Program. Bob also found the time to mentor beginning teachers while still teaching in the classroom himself. 

  Bob taught math to art and music majors at the University of Maine, as well, helping them make sense of mathematics in their field of study. A student shared that when he walked into Bob's math classroom he was a skeptic about what Bob would present, he soon found out that he had much to learn from Bob. 

  Bob is a consummate profession. Throughout his career, he has always been an advocate for students. He strikes the balance between lightness and maintaining high demand for precision and quality. 

  Several of Bob's colleagues at the University of Maine at Farmington expressed their experiences in working with Bob as very professional and found him to be easy to work with and an advocate for students and mathematics leadership in the state of Maine. In addition to collaborating with his University of Maine at Farmington peers, Bob meets regularly with the Maine Department of Education Mathematics Specialists to share what is going on in his courses and to ensure that he has the most current information for his students relating to the national focus in mathematics education. 

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