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2010 Recipient: William Tad Johnston

ATOMIM salutes Tad Johnston as the 2010 Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award recipient for his outstanding contributions to mathematics in the State of Maine. He has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Dallas - one in Elementary Education and one in Mathematics - achieving both degrees in 4 years, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and receiving the Teller Award for outstanding education major.

Tad originally intended to major in Mathematics to become an actuary or something as lucrative. However, tutoring at the local Y during his early years at Dallas led him to add the Elementary Education degree. In his first six years of teaching at a boy's preparatory school for grades 5-12, he also drove the bus for one whole year while he was there.

When Tad and his wife moved to Maine, his first job was at the Holbrook School where he was assigned to "Basement Duty." He apparently had a heck of a time locating the basement in the slab foundation until he was informed that "basement" is Maine-speak for restroom.

Tad's mathematics career in Maine has included teaching at a junior high school, instructor at the University of Maine College of Education, the Beacon School Project, Orono High School, the Department of Education, and currently at the Cohen Middle School in Bangor.

Tad had always been someone who really wants his students to experience success because of their own efforts. When Tad received the Preseidential Award, he defined success for himself as this: "When you walk in the room, you wonder if I am even necessary because the kids are working so well on their own."

We honor Tad Johnston for all his work in mathematics and mathematics education by presenting him with the 2010 Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award.

March 30, 2010
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