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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Location: Virtual

ATOMIM is seeking presenters for the 2022 Spring Conference and Annual Meeting: Reflect, Revision, Rejoice

The success of the conference depends largely on educators who are willing to share teaching ideas. A variety of workshops are encouraged. We will have 3 sets of 50 minute sessions this year.  Teachers attending the conference often look for sessions to engage them in virtual interactive activities.  All quality proposals will be considered. We are committed to giving our attendees quality choices across all grade levels.  If you would like to be considered as a presenter, please complete this form by Friday, December 3rd. 

We will be utilizing ZOOM as our platform. All presenters will be partnered with an ATOMIM Board member as a ZOOM Buddy during their session to  help with logistics.

Podcasts in Pajamas

Ongoing Professional Learning - 2021-2022

ATOMIM is excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in a monthly podcast reflection time (two options available) as we have archived podcasts we will recommend from Math is Figure-out-Able.  The ONLY requirement is your participation in virtual meetings (in the comfort of your home).  We will begin each session with a math activity, break into small groups to reflect on either the archived or the most-current podcast, and learn together with Maine educators. And you never know….Pam Harris may connect with us at one of these meetings!

Become a StratChat-er

Join ATOMIM members in Pam Harris’s free weekly Wednesday night sessions on Twitter or Facebook.  #MathStratChat

Participate in Pam’s FREE Developing Mathematical Reasoning workshop, and we will weave the discussions into our Podcast in Pajama sessions for those interested. 

Registration: Nov 16-22, 2021    

Runs: Nov 23, 2021-Jan 3, 2022

ATOMIM’s Spring Conference

March 26, 2022


2021 RECIPIENT: Ellen Payne

Presented by The Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine [ATOMIM]

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine [ATOMIM] honored Ellen Payne in a small ceremony in front of her colleagues on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 for her outstanding contribution in mathematics in the State of Maine by honoring her with the 2021 Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award.  This award is given annually to an outstanding educator who demonstrates a commitment to Maine’s mathematical community through dedicated service.

Ellen is a leader in math education in Maine and currently a high school math teacher in RSU 19 at Nokomis Regional High School. Previously she has been the math department chair and worked on math curriculum in her district. 

Her leadership roles include: completion of the Certificate in Mathematics Leadership program at UMF, attending and presenting at ATOMIM Conferences, and work she has done with the Better Math Teaching Network (BMTN). This Network included educators from all of the New England States including diverse communities and districts focusing on shifting high school instructional practices. Ellen continued the work in Maine, when funding ended for BMTN, by partnering with University of Southern Maine to offer workshops.

Her colleagues say the following: She is a mentor for other math teachers. She supports, shares resources and models for others. Ellen is also a networker. She links math educators, across districts and higher education, to each other and helps us all grow. In short, she is the model for a math leader and effective math educator.

Ellen's work also extends beyond her district with her mentoring work. Part of that leadership is to mentor other teachers to grow and become leaders, too. Because of Ellen, these teachers seek other positions, take on leadership roles, add advanced degrees to their resumes, and participate in State organizations.

We honor Ellen Payne for all her work in mathematics and mathematics education by presenting her with the 2021 Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award.  Congratulations Ellen!

Do you know an outstanding educator who through dedicated service has demonstrated a commitment to Maine’s mathematical community?  If so, consider nominating them for the 2022 Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award by filling out the form linked here.  Nominations for the 2022 award close on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

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